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Single Mother cant pay bills

MaKabe's Mommy started this conversation

I am a single mother. My son is 19 days old and I am in need of some help paying my bills. I am trying to go back to work but my doctor will not release me until my blood pressure goes down. Does anyone know where i can get some assistance?

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Acez   in reply to Anonymous
You're a fucking idiot, people are talking about the present not the past dumb shit.

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goodnewsforyou   in reply to sabby
hope things are better.
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I cant seem to find employment in my area where I live ,
no one wants to give me a chance and I find that very predujuice and Im a single mother looking to better my childens life !!!!!
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 in response to Princess416...   im so srry life is hard out here for single moms i dnt get chilsupport yet so im struggleing relly bad i cnt pay rent or get my son formula and diapers its hard.
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i am a single mom i have a 6mnth old baby boy i cnt get work and im in need of help with paying some of my bills do you know where i cn get assistance from ?
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 in response to brandybree...   I do not know where you live, but I live in NJ. I am single mother of a 5 year old boy. I get 600.00 month in child support and the social services office denied me ANY cash assistance bc I get too much child support. They think that 600.00 is suppose to pay for bills, rent, food, clothing. Its so unfair. I live with my parents bc i can't seem to make ends meet and I do work part time as well. Its kind of funny bc an article on the NJ website pretty much told me that if I was in a drug rehab program then I would be entitled to some cash assistance. SOMETHING IS WRONG THERE...
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 in response to sabby...   

I agree with everyone else... get some birth control and social services...

Planned parenthood

If you seriously want to help your kids, get some self respect and tell the guys NO!!! Believe me, to them, you are nothing more than a warm place for the moment... You never know who will be the next guy to walk through your front door. He could hurt you or your children. There are better ways to care for your children and yourself.

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 in response to sabby...   

Anonymous40784 is right sweetie

Call 211 for information in your state about temporary help for you and get into another line of work. Call your nearest high school and ask about getting your GED.

Good luck you can do it..

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 in response to sabby...   


Its good that you realize that you have a problem. I can't even imagine being 17 years old & having 4 kids.

The first step would be to invest in some 'good' birth control or practice abstinence. Call your local social services to see if they can point you in the right direction to get your GED.

I hope you can find another line of work other than prostitution. That is what you are doing. Sweetie, at your age most of the guys are 'pure hormones'. They will tell you anything to get you into bed. And, when the female gets pregnant, she will be the one stuck with the baby.

I hope things get better for you.


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i am 17 years old whit 4 kids 1 boy n a girl and a set of twins n live in pinhills i have sex to feed my kids n i just keep on having more and more. sabrina carey is the name yuh might of heard of me but life is hard for me n i need help. is there any educating place out ther i droped out of school when i was 15,i have a desease of falling in love with every guy i see but these kids have kept my head up and ive realise that i got to do what i got to do to feed my kids and to take care of my medication. 

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Im a single mom of 4 , I am 31 years old finishing up on my ged. Trying to get in to college in the fall but not sure if that is a reality cause of not car, the college is almost 30 min away , me and my children are staying with a friend of mine and she has 5 kids , so there is a total of 9 kids living here . Me and my children are living off of welfare ,am looking for emploment but is hard were we stay is about 10 min. out of town . We have been looking for a place of our own  to rent but that is not working out . My credit is shot after my divorce. The places we have found are either out of  our price range were we would be getting kicked out in a few months cause of me not being able to keep up with the bills . Or they r to small for my family size . My ex doesnt pay child support . Wish he would but i know that wont happen. Trying to keep my faith but as the days go by and as the turn downs come it just is getting harder everyday . 

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poortn girl

ladies let me put it this way there is no help for single moms. i am  a single mother of two boys 7 and 4 i cant find work and my ex has quit paying child support. we get a whomping 92.00 in food stamps a month and thats it!! my parents have been supporting us and the money is all gone! i am 33yrs trust me its soooo hard

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I'm a 21 year old single mother and I'm currently on medical leave from work and need some help getting my bills paid off. I'm fallen farther adn farther behind each day. i can not seem to get out and get ahead. Does anyone know what I can do to get some help for myself and my daughter?

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Hello, I hope you get everything figured out and things get easier for you. Have you tried going to the department of health and human services in your state? There you can apply for cash assistance, food stamps, free health care, and i think wic as well. You can also do a search on google for welfare programs in your state. Type in something like Welfare and your state or foodstamps in your state. Good luck! I wish you well Jenn

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